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New Patient forms

Please download, print, and fill out the appropriate form and bring to your first visit.

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What to Expect During Your First Visit
We will take a thorough health history: family, occupational, past medical history, dietary and exercise habits, and previous care received. You will undergo a complete examination of your problem area and any other areas we feel may relate to your specific health concern. If necessary we may also need to get specialised imaging of your spine, such as x-rays. We are the only Physiotherapy Clinic on the Coast (and possibly Queensland) with the ability to take our own x-rays and have them read by a medical radiologist. Additional information may be required in more complex medical situations in order to identify the underlying problem and eliminate those annoying symptoms, and get you back to optimal health!

In most situations, unless we need specialised testing (such as x-rays), we should be able to start treatment immediately.

Your treatment plan.
A specific treatment plan will be recommended by your Physiotherapist. This treatment plan will entail how often you need to see the Physiotherapist, any bracing or supports that may be required or beneficial and anything that may aid in the healing process. Please follow your treatment plan as closely as possible, the idea of it is to help you get the bet results!

More serious health issues may require a referral to additional specialists. Some of these specialists, such as Chiropractors, medical doctors, podiatrists etc. may work in our own clinic making referral easy. A minority of situations require referral to an external specialist. Your health is always our primary goal.